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This was definitely one of the hardest ones to make, because I actually had to completely remove the second frame’s background while I was making it so that the program wouldn’t crash.

So, here we see the Immortals, a famous mainstay of Arcanian military for centuries, in their stasis pods ready for action, and then doing what they do best: Summoning undead en mass. Judging from what that engineer is saying, we also get the idea that there are quite a few of them.

We also see the Skyriders, a group of flying spellcasters aimed at taking the fight to the sky on their expedient skyboards.

And of course: The very first appearance of any dragon in Remember! And it happens to include most of the evil dragons too.

That last frame reminds me of a very specific scene from Serenity, which makes it instantly awesome. The Immortals in the penultimate frame look freaking scary too.

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