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Page 7

For some reason the smudge tool was messing up when I made this, can’t say much why but I fixed it by the time I worked on the next few comics.

Now my biggest problem with this page is the statue of Bis Anu. Bis Anu is meant to be androgynous, but the style, and any style really, make certain dispensations for both genders that aren’t held by the other, so making androgyny is pretty darn tricky. I opted therefore to go that the sculptor of the statue took Bis Anu’s gender to be their favoured one, much like most Christian artists take Jesus Christ to have been caucasian, when that surely can’t have been the case.

When I first drew the Order of Vengeance, seen here attacking the Citadel, it was in MSPaint overlapping eachother, so rebuilding them in InkScape certainly proved a troubling issue, and their designs are understandably simplistic due to Paint’s border and layer issues.

Questions could be raised about the volumetric recording speaking “English”, unless you factor that it was obviously left for someone who didn’t know about the Citadel, someone who also probably didn’t speak “English”, like an archaeologist or an explorer. ‘Else comes you could just say it’s speaking via a tongues effect.

You’ll have to pardon the occasionally eclectic tongue, I get kinda that way when I’ve been watching Firefly a while…

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