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ABR fans will probably recognise Attarisen here, just as they did Akosimoa. That said, he’s quite a bit different to how they’re used to seeing him, he has eyes for one.

Now a lot of the motivations for the Erenatl are religious or economic, but one of their bigger issues is politics, because you have the two warring sides of human and Grisgol.

Here we see Attarisen is pretty up-to-date with his politics, and he clearly isn’t very happy with them.

So lately things have been pretty dull around here. The weather is fairly constistent and I’m getting all the work I need done finished and I’m just plain bored most of the day. That said, I’m getting back into old habits of playing Starcraft for hours. Not necessarily a good sign.

This’d be a lot easier to survive if I was actually getting paid. My brother starts paying rent in a month but alas that isn’t to me.

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