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Ok, I’ll admit this was largely a chance for me to completely geek out at my own material. It turned out nicely though.

The hardest part, perhaps, was deciding the most “humane” method of euthanising the participant. I considered a number of options but I eventually settled on Carbon Di/Monoxide poisoning.

In this instance, the CO is created by the stove in a sealed environment, less oxygen means more CO (And also suffocation for the participant). CO2 is made by the block of (dry) ice above the stove, which melts as the process goes on.

Thinking up the most inappropriate background music for that frame was also fun. Daft Punk certainly worked out as a good choice.

I tried to make a joke in most of the frames, since the material is pretty dry, can you tell where I ran out of them? :P

And as they say: Power corrupts, economically-available power corrupts economically.

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