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Page 16

A bit of a skip ahead, but not far (And I fully intend to flesh the skip out in the published version). Igon is now negotiating for aid with the Erenatl council.

Originally I considered having nine counsellors, rather than the seven shown here, but it proved too tricky to fit nine into a frame without reducing the size massively.

Four unique Grisgol still look pretty cool though. I tried to think of individual personalities when I made them.

For example the far right (viewer’s) side Grisgol is a conservative counsellor, but she loves high-performance things, so she spotted the classic-model Grisgol shell and just “had” to have it.

Greatwise’s matching paint scratches are kind funny to me, since they look like fuzzy eyebrows :P

They’re the result of his head being whacked back and forth in combat (the eyebrows) and grabbed on both sides (the triangular peels)

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