Week of Hell

So anyone that knows me probably knows already that I’m basically nocturnal and given half a chance will not wake up during the daylight hours.

What you probably don’t already know is the Week of Hell I’ve had this past couple of weeks (“Fortnight of Hell” is less catchy). (more…)

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Page 65

People who thought Igon would get away scott-free here may be brought to thinking again at this point. Of all the most rational and least story-driven characters in this comic thus far, Levistus is likely the king, chancellor, and high priest of them all.

Also, I just love the punchline.

Memory Loss #28

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Page 64

No video today unfortunately, but you’ll all be happy I’m sure to hear that I’m developing means to enhance the verisimilitude of the duplicates.

That’s all I’ll say about that for the moment, enjoy your scheduled comic.

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White and nerdy

It can certainly never be said that I’m “normal” by any stretch of the imagination, and I’m extremely and easily prone to obsessing about every fine detail of something (Why, just a few hours ago I caught myself reading everything there was to know about Alma Wade).

The hallucinatory duplicates seen in the past few Memory Loss videos are no exception. (more…)

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Page 63

And so we see the conclusion to this little OOC story. Possibly the shortest backstory I’ve ever done.

In other news, I’m stricken these past few days with a cold that would make Chuck Norris flinch. This is in part the reason for the brevity of today’s Memory Loss video (The other being the shortness of the song itself, courtesy of Valve)

Memory Loss #27

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So according to two separate computers, my flash drive has miraculously unformatted itself, meaning autoplay doesn’t run, files can’t be found, and I apparently need to reformat it to be of any use.

This is bad because reformatting removes all the file links, which is a shorthand for saying it deletes them (The data is still on the disk, the disk is just given free license to overwrite them (I know a flash drive has no disk, it’s the same principle however)). (more…)

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Page 62

Besides the whole mess of details that went into this page, one thing in the background seriously sticks out to me. It’s in frame 5 with the Archdevils falling into Baator.

Look closely at Dispater. He’s clutching a broken and bloodied wing in one hand and reaching upward with his other, a stern look upon his face.

In full Archdevil status, Dispater is never depicted with wings.

So either his wings are broken off during the fall, or he’s ripping his own wings off.

That is awesome.

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Wardrobe and make-up

The latest comic (Book 2 Page 61) establishes quite happily that Igon and Levistus are going to meet, so I feel I’m not spoiling much if anything by talking about this. (more…)

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Page 61

There just isn’t any funny or really interesting news lately.

Memory Loss #26

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Page 60

Allow me to elaborate on my “scripted sketches” segment.

When I’m deciding what to film, I consider how much time I have, what’s been going on, and add a little flair based on personal inclination. From that, I decide whether to run with the “traditional” Memory Loss comprising Comicry, Weather, News and Bonus, or make a Scripted Sketch video. Depending on the results a short Scripted Sketch can be a Bonus.

Today, all parties weren’t very good. There hasn’t been that much amusing news, the weather hasn’t changed much if at all, and I had a few extremely sparse ideas for a Sketch.

Thus, no video today folks.

Check the forums for what amounts to Comicry though.

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