So according to two separate computers, my flash drive has miraculously unformatted itself, meaning autoplay doesn’t run, files can’t be found, and I apparently need to reformat it to be of any use.

This is bad because reformatting removes all the file links, which is a shorthand for saying it deletes them (The data is still on the disk, the disk is just given free license to overwrite them (I know a flash drive has no disk, it’s the same principle however)).

Why am I blogging on this problem?

Because my flash drive has, among important college documentation, my working files for large chunks of Remember’s future storylines.

In theory,  because the files are still on the drive after reformatting, I can recover them, but that’s not a simple or quick process, nor is it a 100% guaranteed one. I may well have lost, for example, my documents pertaining to working out the Battle of the Palace storyline for Book 5.

So, to conclude:


UPDATE! [19/01/2009 16:50]

After discussing the problem with a number of IT experts at college, I may have a scant chance of retrieving my files.

Here’s how it works:

When reformatted, as previously mentioned, the files usually stick around, but the directory telling computers where they are is erased. This is the case entirely with a Quick Format [sic], a full format erases everything and writes over it with a line of random ones and zeroes.

So, in order to do anything with my flash drive I need to reformat it, in this instance a Quick Format is best.

After that, I need to find some flash recovery software, which I am reliably told can be found in many places online, but largely for a fee. At this point, I’m not so fussed about paying for it, having already paid so much to redesign the site.

So there’s a chance that I’ll get the files back. Because the file directory will be gone, they’ll all be back with gibberish filenames, so I’ll need to sort through them and rename them back to something sensible/comprehensible, but they’ll be back. Right now I’ve done nothing to it (I remind readers that Blog posts, though not Comic update posts, have comments allowed) because I’m waiting for my parents to return home (Both of whom are also IT professionals) to see if we have or can acquire any decent recovery software.

I’m also still slightly gittery about reformatting in any manner, because it’s a 50/50 shot that I annihilate everything…

UPDATE! [19/01/2009 20:45]

I’m screwed

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  1. My apologies. I hope you can somehow find a way to deal without, even if it means delaying the comic (and best of luck with your English project >.>).

    Comment by Sorator — January 20, 2009 @ 5:17 am

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