Week of Hell

So anyone that knows me probably knows already that I’m basically nocturnal and given half a chance will not wake up during the daylight hours.

What you probably don’t already know is the Week of Hell I’ve had this past couple of weeks (“Fortnight of Hell” is less catchy).

To begin, “Gah!?” premiered last Monday with the news that my flash drive had de-formatted. That same day, I caught a cold that manifested increasingly over the week.

Tuesday I had an English Language exam, which I think I did fairly well considering by this point I had a headache like a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick.

Wednesday I overslept slightly and upon arriving at college was told independently by two different teachers I wasn’t looking good and should go home to get some sleep. So naturally I went home and filmed Memory Loss 27…

Thursday I was out completely. This was what prompted me to reconsider “cold” for “flu”.

Friday I was feeling better and appeared at all my lessons…then came home to find the boiler had busted and would take about a week to fix. As a result this week has been freezing cold in the house 24/7.

So then we come to today and Thursday. Thursday, I overslept so massively that I missed three consecutive lessons, because my room was so cold my half-awake self had no compulsion to get out of bed.

This morning, somehow, all three of my alarms didn’t go off. But somehow my phone (Alarm #2) found its way from my desk to underneath my pillow, so suspicions are arising about activities of 0%-awake me doing things…which means my alarm routine may be completely moot now.

As a result I missed my first lesson.

And so (hopefully) ends the Week of Hell.

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