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I’ve become more and more enamoured with Garry’s Mod as the week has progressed, but I’ve noticed I’ve acquired more control and restraint over how much time I spend on it.

Thank heck, because it means my production rates have almost stabilised entirely.

And on that note, I need a few volunteers.

You see, in it’s spare time (Not necessarily mine) my brain comes up with new stories to tell. This is entirely the work of Story, as you can no doubt guess.

One of the stories he’s recently produced is a spiritual sequel to War of the Servers, featuring new characters, new tripods, new subplots, the works.

And I’ve decided I’ll give it a shot. So for the past week or so I’ve been working on putting together the most common tripod (One of three designs used by the mingebags in the story), and after trying two different ragdoll animatronic concepts I’m now working on a full contraption (No ragdoll, lots of construction pieces and technical wizzardy. Fortunately most of the mechanisms are the same).

So what I need from people is a few designs for the actual chassis, which is effectively what the ragdoll was in earlier concepts. This’ll cut production time and with a bit of luck have the production (A series of short videos or “episodes”, likely showcased in Memory Loss) off to a flying start.

Later on, I’ll also need the aid of actors and voice actors, possibly even face posers to make the characters actually appear to be talking, but that’s presently an unlikely point. Right now, I need to get the tripod looking good.

Here’s a few design requirements:

  • It must look alien, as if it’s something that should not be in Gmod
  • It must look like something that was made in Gmod
  • It must have three legs, with controls in the head section
  • The legs must move towards what the head is facing (This can be done with GPS, some mathematics, and the motion control of most Seeker drones)

This isn’t a competition, so I’m not giving a precise end date, this is really more of an open Gmod challenge to my readers. Entries in by about the end of the month, I think that’s a reasonable time, and I’ll post all of the designs up in a blog post.

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