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This afternoon I woke up (It being Sunday as I write this, though only just) and, given that my Sunday and my Monday are very similar this week (My classes for Monday are basically cancelled, so it’s a 3-day weekend essentially) combined with the very nature of having been asleep for over half a day (The name’s Lyinginbedmon, what did you really expect?), my immediate reaction upon acquiring recognisable consciousness was “Oh smeg, the update!”

I then understandably leapt out of bed (A bad idea considering said bed is over a metre above the floor) and scrambled to complete the comic and get the update up, in the hope that no-one would have noticed. Checking briefly between bouts of frantic posing and making dialogue to see if anyone actually had noticed, I found Eurovision in the forums and total obliviousness everywhere else that I’d missed the update by about 16 hours.

It was only when I had finished the comic, right down to the page link image, and was checking the date to name the file for the archive system to recognise it that I realised my folly. I was idly looking at the dates of the previous files, which are 3 and 4 days apart in a pattern, and wondered why it was that the last two were 11 and 14, when the new one was going to be 17…

I then promptly thwacked my head on the floor (Overdue for it, really) and started scripting page 169. The work of a webcomic artist may never be done, but certainly it has it’s highs and lows.

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