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The sisters interacting, with eachother and other people, has definitely proven to be something I enjoy writing. I have no sisters, I have no daughters (Though at least one reader has suggested that), and I’ve only had a girlfriend in any fashion since the 4th of this month, so I don’t really have all that much intimate experience with girls their age (That’s emotional and psychological intimacy, pervert). Solving the puzzle of how the intrinsic feminine traits operate in their minds, actions, and speech and how differently they’ve grown up in the same environment really interests me and it makes it fun to come up with them in different situations.

For reference, because it may not be quite apparent, Maeter is in the local magic academy, somewhat akin to having left home for university, whereas Tala is more home-schooled and attends dance classes, seeking a future in the performance arts whilst Maeter seeks a career more traditional to her parentage.

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