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Page 56

Ah the big 200, at least we meet. I don’t really have much of a speech I’m afraid so bear with me for a moment while I drag Story to the keyboard…

This comic began in November of 2007. At the time, it’s schedule was essentially nonexistent, and a new page was produced on an almost daily basis. As time wore on, education and other commitments arose and a semi-weekly schedule was finally drawn up, eventually materialising fully into my usual production schedule of script on day 1, make on day 2, complete on day 3.

A lot of comics started at the same time as Remember or later have since reached 200 comics significantly ahead of it, for which I’ve glared menacingly at their artists who occasionally produce better work than myself, but today they receive no glares, daggers, or glares composed of daggers with irradiated monkey robots pinning them to the ground in a show of machiavellian murderous gore.

Today they instead must endure my quiet gloating, because at last someone who spends his nights active on the Internet, and his days predominantly asleep, who gets obsessed with the slightest thing that crosses onto his brainscape, and who more often than is comfortable to state online starts projects he doesn’t get even half-way through completing, has committed to something so much as to get almost two thirds of the way through after almost 2 years of never missing an update.

So, in conclusion: All your base, you just lost the game, and yes, I am invincible.

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