On the lateness of comics…

So you might have noticed, Remember didn’t update for the last 3 update appointments. For me, this is an extremely disappointing thing, because it’s never missed an update until now, and then it misses a whole buffer’s worth.

When last I updated the site, I said I was heading up here to University accomodation. What I didn’t know was that the house I’m now in didn’t have Internet, at all. I then also didn’t know it would take until Wednesday to install it, and then that the Virgin Media server would crash from all the new applications and it would take until Friday to install…

But, at long last, I have Internet, after the better part of a fortnight with absolutely nothing. I did my best to keep folks informed via Twitter at the Uni library, but the house is 20 minutes walk from it so of course that’s pretty limiting.

So I’m back, complete with the missing 3 comics, my buffer itself is still relatively intact, and I’ve currently no plans to change the update schedule (Though as my Uni workload picks up don’t be too surprised if I change to updating Thursdays only at some point or another).

Here’s to not missing another update.

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