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Most times I post, it’s because of a new page or (heck forbid) a new video, but today is quite a bit different.

You see, purely by fluke, Remember was first started on the 11th of November, 2007. Which is, as far as the commonwealth nations like England are concerned, Rememberance Day. As I say, the actual significance of that day had completely popped out of my head when I started the forum thread that would become a popular forum fancomic, that would become a fairly popular webcomic on it’s own website.

So I figure, I should do something special for the holiday itself and for the comic that has so consumed my waking hours for what is now 2 years. So I figure I’ll tell you all about a character that is critically pivotal to the world that Remember lives in and that has gotten far too little time in the story itself.

That character is Michael Arcanon.

Michael Arcanon was born in March of 49 AC, over eight centuries before the start of Remember. He was born on Pericle Island, when it was still part of the Mannish Empire. He lived what might be considered a childhood from a Disney movie, he was liked by everyone, he did well in school, and he had two fantastic parents.

When he left university, he began research into the origins of magic, and so had to come under the employ of the state. All of his research, all of his findings, were officially owned and made by the government. Despite this, he was still fairly renowned, not exactly the Einstein or the Hawking of his generation but enough that you would read his name and think you’d seen it before.

Arcanon was the first researcher to conceive of an energy that would later be defined as “Incarnum”, and came to the conclusion that it existed in virtually all living creatures and was the catalyst that allowed magic to exist. In typical Darwinian fashion, this idea was not well received, and almost overnight Arcanon became a laughing stock. Over the years, more “legitimate” work allowed his reputation to recover, but it gave him an insight to the world he lived in that gave him a distinct bitter taste.

Spellcasters were state employees by law; they were underpaid, had few priveliges that other employees had, and were often passed over for advancement. He believed this was deliberate discrimination, and resigned from state employ. However, Arcanon had worked in several key and apriori projects for the government, including the military, and as a result the government did not take kindly to his resignation. He was declared a criminal by act of treason, and soldiers were dispatched to arrest him for life imprisonment.

Arcanon fled his homeland the same night, taking a shipping ferry to the mainland, where he roamed under the pursuit of the Mannish government for years, stopping in many towns and cities and meeting many people who would later prove pivotal to his own movement.

Some years after his conviction, Arcanon was forced onto a fishing boat to escape his pursuers, it was named the Exersus. The boat was caught in a thunderstorm as it drifted into the open sea, and for a time the empire considered him to finally be dead. In truth, the boat was wrecked on an uninhabited (and at the time, unnamed) island, and almost miraculously Arcanon survived.

Alone on the island, he lived for two years, finding resources and food to be all far more than sufficient for him. He would later describe the experience as peaceful, eye-opening, and, oddly, he also said that three months of it were very annoyingly noisy. After these years alone, however, Michael Arcanon had a new goal in life: Freedom.

He sent word out to every place he had visited, in turn telling them to tell others, that if they disliked the treatment that spellcasters were receiving in their employment or place of living, that they could come to his island. The empire took this as a threat, they couldn’t have their employees with all their reality-altering abilities just up and leaving en mass, and the Revolutionary War began.

The war saw Arcanon reunited with his family, who had disowned him following his resignation, and many of the people he had met on his travels, and a conclusion of epic fashion at Herald Falls, in 79 AC. In the aftermath of the battle, Arcania was officially founded and recognised globally, and the Mannish Empire had to curtail their operations significantly, now lacking the magical aid that now seeded the island and wearied from their war with Arcanon.

Arcanon ruled as leader of Arcania until his death in 113 AC, after which the council system that ruled until Arcania’s fall was put in place, based on his ideas.

Arcanon was basically the Che Guevara of Avbaroy, a remarkable and powerful figure that became legendary and mythic throughout and after his life, because of what he did and how. Some day, when Remember’s main story is over, I’d like to do his, but I’m not sure if it would detract from him or add to his legacy. For all the little writing I’ve actually done of him, he’s possibly one of my best characters.

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