Page 62

Page 62

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me
Happy birthday dear neolithic artefaaact, happy birthday to me!

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Posted by: Lying


  1. hey, It’s my birthday too! sweet! conjoined birthdays!

    Comment by Griffin — June 14, 2010 @ 2:58 am

  2. Happy birthday!

    Awesome comic, too. I’m excited to see how this business with Lorna turns out…

    Comment by dragongirl13 — June 14, 2010 @ 5:33 am

  3. Happy birthday (I was remembering even without your narcissism, thank you very much).
    The text in the background of the 7th panel (if you don’t count the page background) reads as follows, right?
    -e that should walk in-d lightly, a-For there are hounds-eyond my-myself within these wa-rd, lest tho-ntreat upon me. -oth enter should think to their gods, for mine shall give them-ll grant no mercy. -* * * ~~ Acererak ~~ * *-

    Comment by Gark — June 14, 2010 @ 6:33 am

  4. Happy birthday!

    Comment by Taawus — June 14, 2010 @ 7:59 am

  5. Roughly correct, bearing in mind a lot of it is clipped by the frame or covered in speech bubble. It’s an excerpt from Acererak’s diary, a rather infamous necromantic artifact.

    Comment by Lying — June 14, 2010 @ 10:03 am

  6. Happy anniversary!

    Is it me, or is it the second time you’ve finished a comic with a gaping, detailed mouth?

    Comment by Mad Mask — June 14, 2010 @ 6:28 pm

  7. It’s not just you.

    Comment by Lying — June 14, 2010 @ 6:37 pm

  8. Happy birthday man.

    Comment by Pokota \ Raekuul \ Bellsprout — June 14, 2010 @ 10:06 pm

  9. Yeah, and those look like skulls on her robe/dress/skirt. I thought they were Xykon heads at first. What kinda necro uses a skull pattern for their clothing?

    Comment by Gark — June 15, 2010 @ 2:11 am

  10. Happy birthday, Lying. I’d give you a present, but the Symbol of Pain I was using for a bow went missing.

    Comment by The Gremlin — June 15, 2010 @ 2:02 pm

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