Chronicles of Arcania: The Declaration

What follows is the document delivered by Michael Arcanon to numerous locations around Avbaroy in 75 AC, which effectively began the revolutionary war.

An Arcanian Hawk delivers a crate containing copies of the Arcanian Declaration of Independence

2nd September in the year of the reign of Emperor Perslay 75 following the Great Cataclysm

A Declaration in Representation of the island Arcania and of All Peoples of the Spell Crafting Arts

My people, sons and daughters, husbands and wives, and children all of the spell crafting arts. We have been given a gift. We hold in our hearts and minds the capacity to change and shape the world around us, to suit and sustain us. And yet, for all this freedom, we are as slaves. We cannot hold pride in our creations, satisfaction in our research, or humility in our hard effort.

Each nation and empire in this world of Avbaroy possesses to some undeniable degree what is referred to as a State Mage system. Each of us must submit to this system, indentured to the government we thrive within, live within, and are held caged within.

We have no hope of improving our station in life, trapped instead at the station we attain by way of our often bureaucratic and un-sympathising superiors in office

We have no chance to retain our works if we should forcibly choose an alternative profession, instead the state we choose to cease working under retains all that we have worked for, and we are indeed fortunate enough to be allowed the choice itself.

We are afforded few benefits for this indentured work, with no supplemental medicinal treatment or civil rights, and are the persistent subject of negative slander upon ourselves and our colleagues, as well as of ignorant superstition about our motives and characters.

It is often concluded to be the duty of any and all like-minded and free-willed creatures to determine the content and behaviour of their government, composing it as needed, and changing it as necessary, be they founded upon individual beliefs, debated matters and concerns, or blood rites.

Why then are we instead held in this state of fear and submission? We, who can change the course of the world with but a gesture, a whisper, and a sprinkling of the proper elements? It is not because we are able to bring about eruptions at our whims, or because we are more educated or calculating than the more common person we should meet in the streets.

It is because we are powerful. We, the few, the individual, the people.

We are held in check by our home governments because we are too powerful as a minority to be allowed to simply do as we please. But as a minority, it is unjust, uncivil, and unfair that we should be subjected to this act of subservience while the majority is unaffected. The government above us treats us as a resource above as a citizen.

It is considered by the courts of all civilised races that each individual has certain inviolable rights to which their government must bestow them, such as the right to continue living as they wish and to achieve satisfaction in their doings. It is my belief then that the aforementioned State Mage systems violate these rights, and thereby diminish the lives of those among us subjected to their employ.

There is no practical solution to such a state as ours, sublimated beneath a great many kings, queens, and emperors wherein we remain in our homesteads. As a minority among others, we will always be vulnerable and easily targeted by political opponents. In order to survive comfortably and amicably amongst our brethren we must instead become a majority in this global nation.

I say to you, my people, such a nation exists. I stand upon the new ground of Arcania, an island beyond the desolate and dangerous heat of the desert harsh realm long considered to be uninhabitable. The evidence of this lies not only in my words, but in the bird of prey delivering them to you now. It makes its home here and here alone.

I say to you, my people, it has been conquered by our crafts in our past and in our present. This island has become my home, as it must now become yours. My shores are open, my homes are warm and my beaches await your arrival. Arcania is bountiful, fertile, and safe.

Above all, Arcania is Our land.

Signed on behalf of the spell crafting peoples of Avbaroy by

Michael Darius Arcanon

Attested by

So’ona Ayja Akatar’is

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