Public Service Announcement

So with the finale of Book 4, I figure I should set a few things out on the table.
Remember now has run for 288 strips and nearly 3 years, with an (almost) spotless record for updates. It’s seen me through college and into university and really helped me emotionally to have a stable project to work on and progress and take pride in.

With the final book now upon us, there’s a few things I’m looking at.

The first and most obvious is that, as is often the case with the last book of a series, there’s a lot more to show and tell in Book 5 than in any previous Book. My existing limitation of 72 pages per Book is basically going entirely out the window for this final chapter.

Second, I think it’s time Remember started getting more recognition. The artwork has really progressed far since it’s inception in Book 1 (Which to date still makes me slightly nauseous to read…) and the website is now looking at a far more professional standard. In that mind then I’m looking at getting more in touch with other webcomic artists and doing some guest comics, both to add publicity to Remember and forge some relationships online.

Of course, webcomics live and breathe based on the word of mouth online. One person reads a comic, turns to their buddy and says “hey this looks pretty cool!”, that’s how webcomics get big. I’d be really grateful therefore if everyone who read this comic did their best to introduce someone to the comic or advertise it elsewhere somehow. Obviously in order to compensate you all I’d actually need to be getting donations (Which have been nonexistent since the site upgrade) so I’m afraid you’ll have to subsist on my continued persistence in making the comic.

Thirdly, my workload may increase soon what with university and entry into year 2 (A year which is apparently “actual” university where year 1 is effectively the try-out period). I may or may not alter the posting schedule of the comics or indeed do away with them entirely and just say “2 comics per week”. I don’t know yet so this is just a heads-up, though of course you should drop by all week since Chronicles of Arcania and other content comes up outside the comic schedule.

And lastly, thanks. I never thought Remember would get as big as it has already, with it’s own good-looking personal website and a sizeable dedicated readerbase and artwork my younger self could scarcely dream of much less achieve (Don’t think about that statement for too long, please). And it’s all because of readers like you, so thank you, really.

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  1. well, I’ll tell friends about Remember, I got into it from LRR so, word of mouth works!

    Comment by danzama — July 20, 2010 @ 12:04 pm

  2. Alrighty, boss, will do it. And you keep making them! :D

    Comment by Anders — July 21, 2010 @ 11:50 am

  3. We’ll do our part. Just don’t stop making these things. :P

    Comment by The Gremlin — July 21, 2010 @ 2:55 pm

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