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Seems Spire has experience with burning people.
The precise nature of Mayhex’s involvement with Lockheed remains ambiguous it seems, though from the flashback it’s almost certain she was a test subject of some degree similar to Rosen. Rosen’s story we all know to a reasonable degree at least, and now we’ve filled in the blank of his past between Book 4 and now.

Who and/or whatever Spire is, he has a seeming history of rewriting what the previous Books have divulged…

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  1. Spire is the infamous RETCON, a being capable of traversing time and space itself to change crap from to make whatever he wants to occur! No matter how stupid!

    He’s what happened to star wars D=

    (i actually liked the original trilogy – mostly cuz i took them at face value instead of comparing them to the old movies – but most didn’t)

    Comment by Kumo — September 27, 2010 @ 5:17 am

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