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Paragon or Renegade?
This is an interesting consequence of the origin of devils like Levistus, Kilzu, and Ardonius.

At some point in time, most of the standing devil population used to be angels, the newer and younger devils are generally formed from damned mortal souls and end up in the Blood War fighting demons, as this keeps Asmodeus with a majority share in the souls by keeping the numbers low for every other archdevil.

Consequently, most devils encountered on the material plane (Avbaroy) and in Baator itself are ex-angels. Now of course, most of them enjoyed (or at least learned to enjoy) doing what got them damned and are quite comfortable in their new positions, but quite a few others simply fell with the hierarchy they were following orders from. Angels are rarely credited with a great deal of free will, Ardonius was legitimately just following orders and for that he was thrown into hell.

So naturally there’s some emotional, psychological, and moral issues at play here, but the decision rests on Ardonius.

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