The Seven Pound Poster Incentive

At this time of Christmassy giftmassing, I figure it’s about time I offered you, my readers, something delightful in exchange for your persistent patronage of my scribbles.
In days of yore when dinosaurs roamed the wifi hotspots and keyboard-wielding cowboys held typefights at the ~/usr/bin corral, Remember had a store.

It wasn’t great, it sold one item in its life and made zero profit for it, entirely run through cafepress. You will notice that store no longer appears on this site, at all.

However, what does appear is the Donate button, guarded by perennial rock of time Greatwise, beneath each comic page in recent memory. That leads straight to paypal and straight to the dusty moth-bitten coffers (Yes, the moths are that hungry) that keep Remember running, it passes through not a single additional process and currently wealthy patrons get nothing more than a warm fuzzy feeling for it.

Time to change that I think.

From today, if you donate at least £7 to Remember (Taking into account the conversion fee of paypal’s accounting wizards), leaving your address in the comment box so supplied, then I will mail to you a signed high-quality eco-friendly A3 poster of a random page from Book 1 updated to current artistic standards.

This is not a time-based offer that will vanish with the coming of New Year, this will be the standard case for Remember until such a time as I am physically incapable of shouting at the stockroom droids to get back to work and prodding the printer gremlins with a hot poker.

Certainly I need the incentive to get any of those dreaded pages suitable for print of any sort, and if you have a particular favourite page (Perhaps you enjoyed one instance of Igon teleporting flat on his face more than the others) you can declare it in that comment box as well and I shall do my best to get you the page you desire.

I would love to do it cheaper, but printing costs and the concept of actually turning a profit do somewhat muddle that hope. As it stands, I know that other webcomics can offer cheaper equivalents, but for whatever reason over 1,200 people read this comic each month, so I figure that’s worth a reward of some substance for you all.

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