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The Grand Pagemaster
I like writing characters like Lying, people who are able to pull events apart and together by virtue of their intellect and inquiries. He could very easily place himself at the top tier of civilisation, alone, but instead he works in the shadows to ensure the world instead does not fall into cataclysm.

“Chessmasters” as they are often referred, though here I reveal my more favourable description in reference to one notable role by Christopher Lloyd. Chessmasters put things together with little care for their consequence beyond themselves and their isolated events, but Lying considers the societal impact, hence his volunteering of Ardonius’ aid here.

As always, I shall see you all on Thursday, with the next chapter of Book 5: The War Diaries!

Posted by: Lying


  1. Hairs on arms raised while reading this. I laud you for this masterful conclusion.

    Comment by Gark — April 11, 2011 @ 8:21 pm

  2. I read up until this point in a single day from the first part. The time is currently 11:50 pm, so I very much doubt that I will be able to finish the whole series in one day, which was the original goal of my endeavor. Anyway, having read the entire thing in a very short time span, I can see the evolution of both the plot, the characters and the art style. There is, however, one thing that puzzles me. When Igon made that deal with Levistus, was he not given a deadline of 32 years? Has him halting his aging process with magic extended that period or is it a massive plot point? I presume that him being stuck in his mid 50-s and being 20-something when the pact was made means the timing would be ideal, but there is no direct mention of this fact as of yet. Anyway, overall a great comic. It has evolved nicely with the art style, character personalities and story. I look forward to continue reading your comics and see the continued progression in everything that is going on in this fictional world you have made, which is quite expansive. I am not familiar with D&D but I have understood that this world is based on the same concepts and rules as that world, so that is nice too I suppose. I also have a tendency to ramble. A lot. And I also forget. I have literally been writing this comment since yesterday, and I should really shut up now. Bye.

    Comment by Rabarbra — June 8, 2015 @ 10:00 pm

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