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Page 8

Let’s hope he doesn’t drop the hammer.
So there we have it, the secret behind the Guarding Soldier: A Stone Colossus.

Around the active colossus, magic is impossible due to an overwhelming magical aura from both the animating magic and the controlling spirit, an aura so powerful it can, with the slightest attention, shatter just about any object near it. It can fell an adult dragon with its bare hands, using the gigantic warhammer on its back it can crush just about anything in a single strike.

It can’t speak, but if it could I’m not entirely sure it would even do more than yelling in this particular scenario.

Historically, as noted in the previous page, King Oswald the Great was responsible for orchestrating the statue’s construction, and left instructions for his magically-gifted daughter Queen Emeraldas to enchant it into the colossus we see now. This fact was a royal secret, a surprise superweapon in case of enemy invasion, hence my keeping it discrete until now.

So, in Elwind we have a colossus and in Merinas we have an archdemon. Let’s see how the empire handles this bundle of joy.

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  1. Colossus of Destruction.
    Archdemon of Devouring

    Comment by bunbun — May 17, 2011 @ 12:26 am

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