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My sword and shield.
Long-time followers of mine will likely have been awaiting this moment the instant page 22 hit the site, as the Citadel and its shield generator are prominent elements of my previous storytelling expositions.

So, a few facts about it:

  • With the exception of the Imperial airship, Vendetta, which is currently missing due to peculiar circumstances, the Citadel of Bis Anu is the fastest air vehicle on Avbaroy, able to achieve Mach 2 provided its shielding is active in flight (or else the entire structure gets ablated and becomes…inhospitable). This is why it arrived at the palace long before any of the dragons did.
  • The core of its structure is solid sandstone rock, carved from the mountain it originally stood infront of, reinforced with Dwarven magic and the odd steel girder.
  • Its shield generator is a reverse-engineered Arcanian design, specifically created from retrieved aspects of the shield generator used in Book 1 by Arcania City.
  • It is powered by the same Arcanian technology that allowed the Skyriders to fly, a Jovocian Generator, which produces a literally infinite amount of energy.
  • It is 300 feet wide and (ignoring the front ramp) square.
  • It has taken the Exersus Resistance 50 years to locate it, empty it of sand, repair it, refit it, and get all the technology together to allow its operation. The Grisgol and Erenatl are entirely unaware of this, though efforts were made to contact them, with no success.

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