On the Plotgoblin Peninsula

The Plotgoblins have a fairly large role behind the scenes of things, and in many ways can be seen as a predecessor entity to the Exersus Resistance. Until now though, we’ve not had time to explore them.
The plotgoblins are a goblinoid race that stand roughly between Dwarves and Gnomes in height, and are typically bald with sharply pointed ears and teeth. Intellectually, they don’t pass far beyond humans, but they have a faint empathic connection to one another that seriously boosts their co-operative skills.

Plotgoblins differ chiefly from other races on Avbaroy (aside from their “cousins”, the monogoblins) in that they purposely did not evolve, they were put onto Avbaroy by their deity, Lord Plot, in a recognised and recorded act of willful creation. Lord Plot is their unofficial head of state today as well, though as a nation they function with little interaction with him, but very much along his ideals and principles.

Lord Plot believes that in order for events to transpire properly, they must be guided by outside hands, and that balances must be ensured to make certain the right things happen at the right time. Precisely what the “right things” are is inevitably ambiguous, but it’s from Lord Plot that the word “plot” itself derives on Avbaroy, a string of events joined together by common elements as put together by an external force.

Consequently, the plotgoblin nation (Strictly speaking, the Nation of Peoples Sworn to Lord Plot, but informally the Plotgoblin Peninsula, or colloquially the Green Fedora) does not engage in military action, as it means a large, abrasive, movement into the present goings on of events. It’s worth noting however that they are not in fact pacifist, they just eschew “traditional” warfare in most cases. Despite their minimal national power, they have hands in affairs around the world, mingling with politicians, resistance movements, and especially with bard unions.

To reveal a small secret, the plotgoblins are responsible for Azul’s behaviour. He’s an experiment in creating autonomous plot-driving elements, known as the Non-Player Character Initiative (also known as the NPCi), and Azul is considered their (singular) shining success. Igon and Rain, too, are a part of their ongoing global narrative, though they weren’t specially selected (it was logical to calculate that someone would survive the Fall of Arcania, but once Igon and Rain’s survival was ensured, it was necessary to ensure that no-one else did, to avoid what they refer to as “D.C. Syndrome”).

In a sense, plotgoblins can be considered the worst-kept conspiracy secret on Avbaroy. Everyone knows about them, and everyone knows that they manipulate events, but since they don’t manipulate them to their own ends they don’t really pose much of a threat. They’re also notoriously difficult to eradicate, due to their stealth capabilities in avoiding unwanted or unnecessary interaction. Essentially, people either consider them too small to attack or too difficult to defeat, even though they’ve never once actually undertaken military action.

Technology-wise, the Green Fedora is very specialised. Most technology doesn’t exceed modern day Earth, if not a decade or two behind, but observation technology, stealth technology, and intervention technology is far beyond our capacities and the capacities of anyone else on Avbaroy, including Tajira (essentially Avbaroy’s Japan analogue). They can see precisely what’s going on in most areas of the world, manipulate what’s going on almost in real-time, and if someone decides to pose a serious problem, they can pull them straight out of the situation for judgement under their plot hammers (which has occasionally been used for strategic advantage in small battles in bars).

Politically, you could call the plotgoblins utilitarian. It’s essentially like living and working in one gigantic office space, as many the rare tourist has described it. Religious association and a strict focus on the grand storyline keeps their government together, and physical tolerance and agriculture pretty much tends to the rest (though they don’t export anything, their chief export would likely be coffee beans and sacred water coolers).

It is of course difficult to go on at length about a species that literally tries very hard to stay out of the way until something crops up, the plotgoblins can be considered a species-wide plot device in that sense, even though individual machinations and characters are far more developed than that.

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  1. “it was necessary to ensure that no-one else did”
    Unfortunately, the plotgoblins did not predict the obvious danger: That people would just show up who were ‘gone fishing’ at the time of the Siege. This caused the effort to fail miserably.

    Comment by The Gremlin — August 23, 2011 @ 2:38 am

  2. So they are basically pattern-spiders?

    Comment by blackjack217 — August 23, 2011 @ 11:51 pm

  3. Based on a brief googling of the phrase, yes and no. Plotgoblins are fully sentient and individual, and akin more to stagehands and ushers than grand weavers of fate.

    Comment by Lying — August 23, 2011 @ 11:55 pm

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