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Don’t fear the Reaper. Fear what has been kept from his grasp.
Ah the Immortals, how far they have fallen. In Arcania, they were used sparingly in order to keep their flesh intact, an important element in keeping them emotionally and psychologically healthy. But once they were captured, little care was given to them, and whilst they once bemoaned their situation by quoting lines from Phantom of the Opera…what little is left of them now simply does not care any more.

The Empire doesn’t use them as often nowadays, partially due to their association with a Black Topic (making even vague reference to Arcania is often enough to warrant death), and partially due to the probability of their betraying the Empire, even if they have been subjugated for centuries.

This then is perhaps the true horror of a life “immortal”: There is so much more time to suffer.

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  1. Immortality would really suck, especially being used as a soldier during said immortality. Have you read the Cracked article on why immortality would be worse than death? And oh my gosh, a reference to the very early days and the discussion that trio of Empire soldiers had! Yay!

    Comment by dragongirl13 — September 30, 2011 @ 12:32 am

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