Page 58

Page 58

In all appearances, despite all my early flaws, I still love these guys.
The Grisgol remain easily one of my favourite elements of Remember’s storyline and universe, Greatwise in particular.

Originally, instead of his monologue, I was going to have Greatwise parody a poem written by JRR Tolkien referring to the Ents (from whom they are very much inspired, albeit with few similarities), similarly ending in “The Ents are going to war!”, but instead I decided on something more deep, spiritual, and personal to the Grisgol themselves.

Greatwise also gives a few insights to what’s been happening to his people since they appeared in Book 2 (over a century ago) in his line “And our sloth has cost us dearly, so few are we now…” In short, the Erenatl have all but died out, leaving only the Grisgol elements of their society left. If they don’t get some help, their entire culture will die with them. Face with an eternity guarding their culture or helping build a brighter future for every sentient being on Avbaroy, it’s good to see they’ve gone the route that may end in their demise.

As for the lightning portals the Grisgol are arriving through, I’ll have a blog post up tomorrow for Magic Physics explaining how things work, as we’ve seen the same portal effect used when Igon et al escaped the Citadel back in Book 2.

This page also sees the Grisgol redesigned to my more modern standards. Surprisingly, not much was altered, mostly just node optimisation inside the objects that compose them, and removal of some elements that weren’t really visible at all in their usual scale (and so cause performance issues when they’re prevalent in pages). I replaced their original individual fingers with a standard stroke version scaled and recoloured to their size, which is a lot easier to work with.

The largest change is in their feet/boots, which I originally drew as reminiscent to a sort of medieval armour meets The Flash concept. I’ve redesigned it much closer to the former than the latter, but the feet now also have a pivot point that I can rotate to give the feet a lot more dynamic positioning as seen in the page here with the Grisgol walking around, running, and stepping through the portal.

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  1. I must agree that it’s good to see the Grisgol back with such a change of mind. This is very good news for the Resistance indeed… :D

    Comment by dragongirl13 — November 7, 2011 @ 5:28 am

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