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Battlefield update #4 – The last one!
To put things plain and simple: Everything is running out. The Dalmosh summon in Merinas is running out of time, the dragons in Karazi are getting wise, and although supplies have been re-established for the Resistance forces, their manpower is reaching its limit.

No matter what the outcome, this has to be the last day, no-one can keep fighting much longer in this situation. Consquently, the focus for this day will be largely on the individual battles, between the named higher-ups of the camps, rather than on the troop movements and such. At this stage in the battle, it’s the big name deaths that direct matters.

See you all on Monday for a motion back to the fights that began near the end of Day Three, and I’ll have a Webcomic Feature for you on the unusual day of Friday, with possibly the youngest webcomic I’ve featured yet!

See you all there!

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