Webcomic Feature: Two Guys and Guy

Two men and a woman team up to bring comedy on a thrice-weekly schedule, the question is can they manage it?

Actually the better question is which one is the woman?
Two Guys and Guy (TGAG for short) is a slight changeup of the “Two guys and a girl”, “Two guys and a couch” etc. kind of affair that has almost plagued webcomics since pretty much the Internet boom, but fully aware of that issue it started in late May of this passing year, making it perhaps the youngest webcomic to be featured here on Remember. The sole ship hand of the affair is graphic artist Rickard Jonasson, who also does stuff over at Super Redundant.

The comic features the three titular characters: Wayne, Frank, and Guy (A nickname, ostensibly due to a massive metaphorical penis). The three are pretty much shoe-horned into their roles, with Wayne usually portraying a selfish jackass, Guy the aggressive pseudo-tomboy, and Frank being a reserved and quiet sociopath (the “token wierdo” as it were).

You can practically discern their roles from this image alone

You can practically discern their roles from this image alone

The comic layout sticks pretty firmly (as stated in its outset) to the rigours of a three-frame comic, a standard of comics predating the web itself, which follows the arrangement of setup, gag, punchline. This is the same arrangement that leads to the horrors of removing the third frame of a Peanuts comic, but somehow I find the use of it rather poor in TGAG. The short format generally ends up giving it a flaw of my earlier comics which is that often the backgrounds don’t change at all, resulting in just a static shot of characters in different poses. Whilst this isn’t necessarily bad, it often makes the comic seem lazy and unpolished. TGAG does reduce this aspect a fair bit by having a drastically-altered third frame for the punchline, which subverts things by emphasising it.

The largest flaw in the comic (as it seems I must seek them out like some strange webcomic version of Yahtzee Croshaw, else simply praise everything and everyone) is that between the stock comedic arrangement and the shoehorned characters, the jokes are often predictable. If you see Guy reprimanding Wayne for being a jerk, odds are high the punchline will be him being a jerk. If you see any discussion of odd events, chances are the punchline will be Frank being odd.

This runs through the comic pretty consistently to the point where if you are at all familiar, the comic loses its humour because you can already see the answer coming. As an example, having researched the comic earlier (66 pages at the time I read them) I read the most recent page and knew precisely what the punchline would be. The comic is very predictable and suffers a lot for the lack of innovation with writing the characters. As it stands, they are about as simplistic as their portrayals in the logo, and things go downhill quickly as a result of it.

Artistically, TGAG is top notch (yes, the full Notch, quite an achievement!). Characters are rendered with precision and delicacy with consistent proportions (though in Frank’s case this is hardly difficult, his reservedness leads to an extreme lack of expression), and backgrounds are handled with extreme care in most instances (I’ll certainly let them off for the background of the recent comic, given that even I wouldn’t want to sit at a computer screen for hours making up hardware goods). It may be a recent development for webcomics to start off with high-quality art, given that MegaCynics (previously featured) has similar degrees of artistic quality.

In all, Two Guys and Guy is a good comic, but one that suffers a fair bit from the cookie-cutter style of comedy it sticks rigidly to. If things changed up more often, such as the brief persistent storyline involving a massive blow-out between Guy and Wayne, I could see this becoming a very popular comic, but for the time being it’s something to pop in and check out every now and then for a quick chuckle. On that basis, it does succeed at being a good webcomic.

Two Guys and Guy can be found at twogag.com and updates on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You can also occasionally proffer Jonasson with golden idols to receive a commission piece, and he also has a Twitter, DeviantArt, and Tumblr you can check out. Pop along and say hi!

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