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Well maybe if the rest of you wasn’t an armoured, fire-breathing, tank…
This is actually a sort of strategy I was inspired towards by marathonning Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, in which one battle heavily involves a character boiling all the water in the eyes of a gigantic beast who is otherwise heavily impenetrable to harm. I suppose it also harkens back to that age-old, tried-and-tested, strategy invoked by vengeful women, which causes many a man to crumple uselessly to the ground in agony.

I suppose in using such a tactic, I also downplay the ferocity and the hazard of this dragon, who previously char-grilled the sniper nest Enko and Anthur are using, as well as bit off Anthur’s left arm. But then to such criticisms I invite my critics to examine the scale of the dragon in question. Whilst he is indeed much larger than either Enko or Anthur, he’s not towering over them like a small mountain, he’s not leaving craters in the ground with his footsteps or sending gales with each flap of his wings.

He is in actually, a rather small dragon, a feature and characteristic typical of the young, and consequently of the inexperienced. That the pair have only lost an arm and some breathing space to the beast is a blessing for them from fighting such a juvenile creature.

Though if you still find his combat prowess to be rather anticlimactic at this point, I’ll instead invite you to enjoy the small humours of drawing him in such humiliation.

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