Page 66

Page 66

Gulliver: Take notes.
The bigger they are, the more parts of themselves they can’t cover from much smaller “they”s. This is something that sort of always confused me about the Lillipudlians of Gulliver’s Travels. If he was really a threat, whilst they may not be able to tie him down, they can certainly gouge out his eyes or pour burning oil into his ear canal etc., if nothing else definitely whilst he inevitably slept. Gulliver had size and strength on his side but the Lillipudlians had superior resources and manpower.

Of course, the dwarven team that activated the colossus are still inside serving as defense for that entryway, but then, it has been the better part of a week inside there…

Fun fact about this page: With the exception of black dragons (which appeared in page 64), every chromatic dragon breed is portrayed in this page. With so many red dragons hopping back to Fudgeland, the distribution has gotten a lot more even in Karazi, so the different ethnicities are becoming a lot more apparent.

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