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A conversation with the dead
Writing for King Oswald is a very enjoyable exercise. He’s a bit rough in places, enjoying a good ale and a punch-up in the taverns, but he really does care about Karazi and his people, from the big economic and geopolitical issues to the small girl running about the marketplace. And he’s not stone-faced (pun not intended) about it either, it was one of the defining elements of his reign. His opinion on how the monarchy should relate to the general population has shaped Dwarven political policy for centuries.

Drawing him is also…an exercise. In retrospect I kind of wish I’d made his template simpler, all the bells and whistles so to speak make him rather a pain to pose. His ghost form also has one of the more complex lighting schemes I’ve ever used, with the character being placed above the darkness layer (which makes him look like he’s constantly well lit) and with an additional glowing aura path around the character (which gives him a distinct, but not overpowering, glow). This does pose occasional problems, such as in this page where he would normally overlap into a lot of other frames, so careful cropping was necessary to keep the glow and such from overflowing.

Overall he may be one of my favourite characters to draw in this arc, but then I have so many more to draw soon.

And now, a word of site news: Remember’s server provider will be undergoing scheduled maintenance for a few hours on the 9th (this approaching Friday) so the site may be unavailable during the period of 10 PM to approximately 2 AM (GMT) the next day. In the meantime, Twitter will remain functional, so if you want to keep appraised of the situation I’ll be around there, and I may tweet some server IPs for games like Team Fortress 2 if you want to taste my furious sentry barrage while the site is down.

That’s all for tonight, see you all on Thursday!


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