Page 69

Page 69

You can tell they don’t get along very well.
Sweyn and Magnus are virtual polar opposites:

  • Sweyn wanted to deal with the entities in the Iron Tombs, Magnus instead sealed them shut.
  • Sweyn was nominated as royal successor, Magnus won his succession by combat (from Sweyn’s son, no less, something he never fails to bring up in arguments).
  • Sweyn is a believer in Moradin only so long as he can be easily, Magnus is a devout priest.
  • And the list goes on and on.

Whilst they didn’t live to meet eachother, their meeting up in the Soldier has certainly caused its fair share of arguments. Fortunately, Emeraldas is always around to negotiate truces. And also in this page, at long last, King Edwin returns to the scene, in his first in-person appearance since Book 1.

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