Merry Christmas, and farewell 2011

Merry Christmas, and farewell 2011

A brief and humble tale to close out the year.
Intriguingly, and perhaps an element that lead to the widespread religious fervor surrounding Boccob, every race on Avbaroy has a story that almost entirely mirrors this. And indeed, there is a simple explanation:

He appeared to every race on the singular same night.

Small wonder then there’s a Santa Claus for Avbaroy, though he only started teleporting after Arcania was founded. Arcanon was a touch overwhelmed when that element got added in…

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  1. Very nice. Happy Holidays, all.
    But all holiday episodes are better with ponies.
    (Ow! Stop the stabbing! You know I’m right!)

    Comment by The Gremlin — December 25, 2011 @ 3:22 am

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