Webcomic Feature: The End

In a distant section of the galaxy, one race is guarded by the last survivors of another.

More or less, that is. The End, co-produced by Ran Brown and Cory Brown, is a science-fiction comic that began in mid-2010, with some earlier pages being remastered in late-2011, and with ~50-60 pages to its name so far. For a comic that professes a twice-weekly update schedule, that may seem pretty low, but whilst updates are a tad sporadic I do advise at least giving it a chance.

The End concerns a pair of aliens named Ethma and Endi, a bird-like species called the Fiah that appear a lot more human in the course of the comic thus far due to disguises intended to help their mission on Earth which is, perhaps, a tad apocalyptic as the first page itself declares: To save the human race. Over the course of the first chapter, we are introduced to their charges who each haplessly stumble upon the Fiah ship Axca, ranging from the youngest Stephanie to typecast actor Victor to troublemaking-teenager Henri. Bonus points for the Browns for having their alien abductions take place in Canada, rather than in the open desert plains of the US.

The comic currently has two parts, with the initial five chapters introducing the characters neatly over their own individual arcs and the latest two chapters beginning the national progression of the abductees and the Fiah on the spaceship travelling around in the wake of a monumental disaster for Endi and Ethma. Pacing is done pretty well in that regard, exactly enough attention has thus far been paid to each character in turn.

Artistically, The End is top notch (no, not the Minecraft guy), with full-bodied forms portrayed realistically and with excellent shading, colouring, and character designs that make each person unique and distinct. I’ll also admit to loving the glowing eyes of the fiah, they’re an interesting quirk that really adds an interesting division between the humans. The only real gripe I have with the pages thus far is the occasional framing slip-up, every now and then pages are framed in such a way that I misread them or have to flip back a page or two in order to understand what exactly just transpired. The comic also has very reflexive eyes (anime-esque to pinpoint, for example) on some characters which sometimes makes them look very strange or disturbing, but overall things are done very well.

Currently, comic production has slowed down quite considerably as the Browns are expecting, leaving artist Ran rather bedridden and making comics is therefore a tricky matter, but the backlog of comics that already exists is enough to sink your teeth into once or twice I’d say.

If you like what you see, there’s a store with merchandise you can look through (currently consisting mostly of buttons and prints), and you can send them a message directly through their contact page or send support to Ran through her Twitter feed. Let them know Remember sent you! :D

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  1. This sounds intriguing; I should check it out. I’m always one for epic sci-fi. :D

    Comment by dragongirl13 — February 15, 2012 @ 4:24 am

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