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Page 88

Falling to pieces.

Colour-blind edition

I’m really falling behind on my comic-making, university work is hitting me pretty hard this month with a big piece of coursework due next Thursday and an exam the Monday after. Hopefully I won’t run out of my backlog at least, if not make some progress rebuilding it.

For now however, is this truly the end of Saleme?

Posted by: Lying

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  1. lets see. you’ve shattered the crystal, so if she is alive still, she’ll either be in all of them with a fragmented personality, or in the largest one. Could take a while to rebuild either way.

    If she is dead then its the end of this battle.

    She’s alive. Besides, if all it took was a shatter spell, why not just do it the instant the form is down, or a shatter into the crystal rather than cone of cold?

    Comment by Mindsword — February 16, 2012 @ 1:34 am

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