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The undead versus the incorporeal.

Well, strictly speaking the Seen Servants are only about 90% incorporeal, hence their use as a defensive line here. People who’ve been reading Remember from its inception likely know who they are but for newer readers (which is pretty much everyone, I admit), I’ll explain:

Seen Servants are a sort of magical employee, there’s some that work in the sick bay, others that work in engineering, and these particular ones work as a security taskforce for the Citadel. The name comes from the spell “Unseen Servant”, which is the basis for their construction, they’re generated en mass from the Citadel systems, so they can be re-composed so long as the Citadel has the power. They’re mostly a modification of the original pseudo-holographic system that the temple of Bis Anu had, so some of them look rather familiar in that respect.

The device Roman is working on is, for the most part, a gravimeter (a device for measuring gravitational fields). I’ll leave you to wonder what the intention for it is.

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  1. Interesting. Also If you are still soliciting advice for comics to cover there are a few here:

    Comment by Blackjack217 — March 1, 2012 @ 3:23 am

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