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Meeting of minds.

As you can probably tell, Roman is not fond of the Sovices. In truth, he’s not fond of outside assistance at all, regardless of the source. This stems not only from his Lockutan heritage but also from his impressive resume as an engineer. To Roman, having someone else, otherwise uninvolved, turn up to solve your problem for you is a sign of your own failings, even moreso if they have trouble finishing the problem as well.

Lockutas isn’t by any significant means isolationist or xenophobic as you might intuit from that, but it has a longstanding history of Lockutan people solving Lockutan problems, with little requirement for outside assistance. This even extended to their downfall when the Empire invaded, as they hadn’t cultivated relationships with other nations to the point of having allies to call on, having never really needed to. In some senses, this is their greatest flaw, the greatest downside to excelling in a field for so long. If you never need the help, you don’t often consider to build the support structure needed to get it when you finally do.

England suffered from the same problem for quite some time, expanding to become one of the largest empires in human history, winning almost countless victories against a wide array of enemies, creating new technologies to further advance their goals, and then eventually the empire started to wane and things started to fall apart. Fortunately for England, this waning didn’t ultimately result in our utter submission to a greater power, and whilst we’re certainly not the superpower we used to be we’re still counted amongst the big names in politics. We now have those relationships and those allies, we’ve learned that asking for help, even when you don’t really need it, is neither something to be ashamed of nor something that’s inherently unnecessary.

Still, when you actually manage to bring yourself to ask for help, it can be quite frustrating to find that the person you ask can’t actually help you. And certainly on the level of political relations, his outburst here isn’t going to reflect well on Avbaroy, but we’ll see how things go next week when Remember updates on Monday as normal. See you all then! :D

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  1. Next week, Lockutas will go to Equestria with Schizotec and learn the true meaning of friendship.

    Comment by Kobold Scribbler — March 15, 2012 @ 6:26 pm

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