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One mean headache.

In case you missed it, here’s a post I did describing a planar pulse. Maeter is unique among the Sovices in that she’s also affected by them, just as most sentient life on Avbaroy is.

I kind of had to hold myself back here actually, since there’s a great deal of urge to make something as big as a planar pulse look huge and impressive, when in actuality it’s anything but. In that manner it’s sort of akin to a gravity wave in real-world physics, grand and powerful in effect but visually barely even distinguishable. In fact, there shouldn’t even be the ripples visible in this page, because the whole point of a planar pulse is that it operates in the Incarnum shell of planes, something you almost never see from inside of them.

Speaking of gravity waves, did anyone figure out what Roman was making? By now I imagine it’s rather obvious: the standard Sovice communications array uses gravity waves to transmit and receive information. This has its benefits over things like radio waves, in that there are far fewer things that cause gravity waves and they tend to be pretty obvious and brief when they happen naturally (for example, the formation of a star). Once gravity in a region has become relatively stable, gravity waves are a pretty reliable way to send information.

Of course, when you start messing with gravity you have to take into account that you’re going to affect a lot of things, which is why Sovice gravimetric technology uses very weak gravity waves for communication and much less environmentally-invasive methods for longer-range conversation, such as light beams (though they in turn have the problem of being more difficult to distinguish against background light).

Something I’m not particularly fond of in this page is the whaleship design. Beyond simply being a much older example of my artistic ability, it’s damn near impossible to actually pose, so it tends to remain very static in pages. In theory, that’s alright since spaceships, when properly designed, don’t need to shift much but it makes them a lot less dynamic than they actually are. As the name entails, they look like whales in space, and their design is something I really need to find the time to update at some point.

It’s also probably worth explaining what’s going on inside the ship with Maeter. Yes, she is floating about on a metal plate, not unlike Magneto during his prison escape in X-Men 2. This is because Sovice ships don’t generally use resources on maintaining internal spaces, and have learned to retain their individuality whilst existing in their typical grey-goo state of nanites in larger structures since their last appearance in Book 3. Maeter is an exception to this since she still has a large volume of organic systems in her body and as such requires certain environmental conditions.

That’s all for today, I’ll see you all again on Wednesday for another Webcomic Feature!

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  1. Transmitting via gravity waves… yeah, to make that worthwhile, you’d have to be able to make and detect pretty miniscule changes, otherwise… meep. Very cool idea!

    Comment by Sorator — March 21, 2012 @ 12:35 pm

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