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Page 105

Bad pup.

So Nether Expedition, despite a lukewarm reception by the Let’s Play-jaded Reddit community, seems to be fairly well received. I’m pretty sure it’s already beaten Memory Loss’ old standards, in almost every category (author opinion included). The next episode will air the approaching Saturday, and is 30 minutes long, which I expect to be the average. Thirty minutes seems just long enough for me to get some meaningful work done in the game and discuss anything that bears discussing.

Meanwhile, Azul faces off against some extra-terrestrial panthers. I’m taking a mild page from Naruto’s Gaara of the Sand here, but this promises to be a very interesting fight and I’ve had a lot of fun writing and drawing it, so hopefully you’ll appreciate it too!

That’s all for now, keep up being awesome, I’ll see you all Wednesday with a Webcomic Feature as per usual as Remember fully begins its 4-update/week schedule!

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  1. I’ll watch it as soon as I get a chance! :D

    Comment by Kobold Scribbler — April 16, 2012 @ 12:07 am

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