Nether Expedition #2: Location, Location, Location

Hotel Netherdiso starts to take shape, but honestly I can’t help but draw concentration camp parallels.

Support for the series seems generally positive, all 3 comments and a 75% approval rating in Likes/Dislikes, and episode one got over a hundred views in short order. Shifting things around a little bit has allowed me to add the intro music without crashing the program but I’m investigating a different program that will also allow me to do timelapses and transitions etc. which I’m hoping will let me pack more productivity into each episode. I’m recording these ahead of time by quite a ways so you’ll probably see the fruits of that experimentation around episode #4.

If you are enjoying it, subscribe, like, favourite, leave a comment, all that fun jazz that I’ve heard way too many people rattle off like a religious mantra. You can also upvote the episode on Reddit, where people generally don’t respond well to Let’s Play episodes regardless of actual content, so every little helps.

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