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The greatest Elven swordsman to never live.

E’relos, were his soul not imbibed in Azul’s form, would have been born in Sturven, an Avalan (High Elf) colony situated near the Ve’un’sera lake. Due its location, Sturven was hit hard by the limnic eruption that emanated from the lake in 85 AC, which killed off a great deal of their food supplies and poisoned the soil for many years. Sturven has since become known as a harsh place to live, with predators that once lived relatively sedate lives turning to more dangerous prey following the eruption and resources being constantly restrictive.

Sturven, in large part due to these harsh conditions, has been very beneficial to Avalas overall however, because it serves as the training grounds for the more elite soldiers in the High Elven military. E’relos would likely have been in their top ranks, a master swordsman with few competitors to the title.

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  1. Please tell me he’s actually going to use those two additional swords later on.

    Comment by Nutty — April 26, 2012 @ 6:04 am

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