Page 110

Page 110

You will feel this, clockwork.

Adriane is Azul’s best magic-oriented defender, a cleric of St Cuthbert, but being a divine spellcaster it takes a lot out of him to actually put her to good use.

Lordy lordy lordi, it has been a busy busy day. I didn’t sleep last night because I had to revise and be conscious for a 9 AM maths exam, which as university would have it was also up twelve flights of stairs, and I’ve since spent most of the day in labs getting coursework done for a deadline tomorrow/today. I think tonight is a night that, having gotten all that done to a reasonable level, I shall kick back with a nice hot chocolate and a series of Team Fortress 2 servers full of raging noobs.

The next page reveals what I personally consider to be Azul’s greatest secret, one that indeed only a handful of gods and one mortal know outside of him. Before that though is episode 4 of Nether Expedition, which airs this Saturday. See you all then, it promises to be hilarious in a couple different ways!

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