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Page 111

I can’t say with certainty whether or not he’s exaggerating.

This is a secret I’ve been sitting on for a very long while, having written out most of the storyline of Remember before the comic even began production, but if you’ve been paying meticulous attention to detail in every page or have scoured the entire archive and are wondering how you missed this detail: don’t worry, it wasn’t remotely true until after Book 4. I’ve known about it since inception because I knew it was going to happen, but there’s been no occasion for it to even remotely come up in the comic itself.

You may wonder from that statement how exactly Azul managed to court a lady and get married whilst being sealed away in a gem owned by Sildyu. To that I say this:

Would you expect anything else of someone who literally, and accurately, refers to himself as a plot device?

There is an official in-story explanation, but I think the “how” matters significantly less than the “why” in this instance. That’s all for now however, I shall see you all again Wednesday with a Webcomic Feature and then the final of Azul’s secrets will be revealed Thursday! See you then!

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