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Page 114

Time to go.

I’m sure many people were expecting there to be a climactic showdown between Lizzy and Azul & Tala, but in truth that’s not how things always go down. Whilst a lot of evil characters end up dying in combat or betrayal, in some kind of conflict, there’s a lot more that die in captivity, of sickness, or simply old age. Many even take their own lives. Certainly not all of them have that big finale of battling their opposition.

In fact, quite a lot of them don’t. Hitler took his own life, Ghenghis Khan is believed to have died of sickness or injuries, Pol Pot may have died of heart failure, the list goes on. More often it’s the hero figures that actually die in glorious battle.

The separation between Lizzy and Saleme could be seen as their information sources. Saleme has just one, occasionally three via her astral constructs, but Lizzy has billions across a very wide span of influence. It’s logical to assume then that her data sets are larger and allow for greater analysis, and that she of all people would be most likely to recognise legitimate threats against her like a god-killing demon. At times like those, she knows when it’s best to leave rather than continue trying to hold her ground.

Or in simpler terms, at least one character in this comic needs to be a little genre savvy :P

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  1. Great comic timing in those last two panels!

    Comment by Dr Simon — May 21, 2012 @ 7:43 am

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