Nether Expedition #6: MELONS!

My editing skills are improving, and soon my audio quality will too hopefully. Meanwhile, Walter is unimpressed.

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Believe it or not, I have yet to die in the course of Nether Expedition, including off-camera.

I’ve faced hordes of up to thirty zombies, enraged pigmen zombies, growing floods of lava, flocks of half a dozen ghasts, and in the course of this episode a dangerous plummet from a high location. I’ve maybe fudged the odd thing here and there (the villagers in the Nether being the most obvious example), and there is something to account for playing in Easy mode, but I’ve never once avoided death by anything but legitimate survival means.

If I was playing the series in Hardcore mode, despite all those threats and dangers I’d still be alive. Whilst it’s only episode 6 so far, I still think that’s pretty cool considering I usually play on Peaceful and spend most of my time tinkering with redstone.

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