Webcomic Feature: Well…

No webcomic feature this week due to a lack of suggestions, post your ideas in the comments OR as an @reply on the site’s Twitter page.

Meanwhile, check out this recent video of my work modding Minecraft, seems to be rather popular.

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  1. Kinda hesitant after my last one apparently went bad, but here’s some ideas:

    Exterminatus Now – A comedy webcomic (with the occasional story arc) on a planet called Mobius, basing it’s lore heavily off of Warhammer and drawn in the style of Sonic the Hedgehog. Better than I make it sound, I promise… though YMMV on how MUCH better.

    One Piece Grand Line 3.5 – 3.5e (i think >.>) DnD campaign that (a little loosely) follows the plot of One Piece. Pokes fun at both the show itself and min/maxing in DnD (particularly the flaw system). Pretty funny, especially with the DM’s reactions to what the players attempt to do to optimize (Zolo is a half-giant fishman) and pick fights.

    Friendship is Dragons – 4e DnD campaign that follows the plot of MLP. So far has done the pilot episodes and has moved into Dragonshy in recent comics. Again, better than I make it sound…

    Spinnerette – A manga-style comic that parodies superhero comics and tropes (particularly spiderman) in a world where Superheroes/villians are both common and accepted since… at least 1974, when a law was passed protecting superhero identities. (Plus, a naked Ben Franklin saves Hitler from a time-traveling assassin and then gains superpowers.)

    Comment by Vapor — May 23, 2012 @ 2:08 am

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