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Nimble, isn’t she?

Making Sildyu move in an agile manner is actually a pretty tricky endeavour. Her long robes mean that bending her into different positions in the normal method is very tricky and time-consuming because it involves synchronising a lot of different vector nodes to give the desired effect and have it look good.

Thankfully, Inkscape has an extension called pattern-along-path, which allows me to take her main body and bend it based on a much simpler object that I can fine tune to make the resulting position look better, but even that has its flaws in how it translates the vector nodes in the parts that make up her body.

As to her agility, Sildyu is known most well as a spellcaster of both divine and arcane magic, but as a Fudgeland monarch she was also trained to the same calibre as her elite soldiers. This is pretty common practice in most monarchies, including the extant British royal family. Still, she’s not a melee fighter, she’s pretty frail physically, so she relies on her magic over her military training, though whilst she’s not being distracted she’s still capable of avoiding Gwen’s big honking greatsword in close-quarters as seen here.

Also up today is a quick little video showing off my new microphone as I endeavour to defeat a very complex redstone puzzle (so complex that, even whilst inactive, it threatens to crash my Minecraft client), in the first of what I’m calling “Lying Plays…”, a fairly generic gaming video series. Suggestions for games for me to play in this series are certainly welcome, but I’m unlikely to cover longer games than a few dozen minutes a session.

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  1. The glowing eyes make me worried for the party. But I love the bagpipes.

    Comment by Sorator — May 26, 2012 @ 4:29 pm

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