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Page 118

Alpha team, take position!

And so the Order begins to enact its strategy against Sildyu. A reasonable argument could be made for simply rushing her into melee combat, but to do so would be unwise for a few different reasons. Namely area-effect magic, the ineffectiveness of more than half the party in melee (Apenguin, Skald, Kragh, and to a lesser extent Illel, though Chu’s purpose in the group pretty much relies on him grappling her for best effect), and the possibility of her simply evading their attacks and causing them to hit eachother instead (essentially reducing the battle to something out of a Jackie Chan movie).

Consequently, it becomes vital for the Order to arrange themselves into different tiers of attack, namely the three seen here. This way they can maintain a front-line assault which injured members can retire from via the interception line to the rear line for healing and recuperation under the watchful guard of Illel.

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  1. Get the feeling some just let the battle plan out the bag! Methinks her highness will be countering those orders very very soon, and very very painfully!

    Comment by Mad Lemmey — June 1, 2012 @ 9:11 am

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