Webcomic Feature: One Piece Grand Line 3.5

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Whilst I’ve apparently gotten something of a reputation for giving negative reviews, I don’t consider myself the Yahtzee of webcomics (certainly I’d need to at least be making a lot more disposable income from this before I begin to contemplate that). Nevertheless, this is going to be another review where I’m unfortunately unfavourable of the recipient.

Much like the previously-reviewed Friendship is Dragons, the very verbosely-named “One Piece Grand Line 3 point 5” uses screenshots of an existing media product (in this case, the anime rendition of One Piece) to portray a Dungeons & Dragons campaign with its own revision of the basic storyline and dialogue. Unfortunately, that’s more or less where the similarity ends.

For starters, there’s the art, a phrase perhaps used in air-quotes for this particular genre of webcomic. The screenshots used are generally low-quality, to the point where character distinction occasionally gets compromised, and the speech bubbles are angular and more than likely applied with Microsoft Paint. This is not to say that Paint is unsuitable to make a webcomic, certainly I can’t say that whilst simultaneously producing a webcomic in the stick figure genre, but the line thickness used is woefully insufficient, leaving behind a clear, sharp, and highly contrasting edge that clashes even with the low quality screenshots.

Meanwhile, and I hate to be one of “those people” that complains about this part of a comic, the font used is, for lack of a better term, bland and uninteresting. The image quality seems to compromise it a fair deal as well.

Writing-wise, it really doesn’t get much better. Unlike Friendship is Dragons which performs the original storyline (which is what the artwork displays readily and clearly) with little more than a revision of character perception, OPGL3.5 basically writes its own story with choice screenshots from just about everywhere and the dialogue is not done at all well.

The two actually cross-pollinate in a brief cross-over, but evidently one has not gained much in wisdom from the other. There’s a Chuck effort of the same genre some ways into the comic which comes straight out of nowhere and with little if any real purpose to anything other than to fill an arbitrary empty spot in the plot while players arrive late. The players meanwhile are written poorly and there’s a date offer from the first installment that would like out of place on a cheesy soap opera, let alone a Dungeons & Dragons group.

In all, and this is actually a first for me t describe a comic, this is pretty appalling. I don’t recommend it, but of course recommending the author (“DragonTrainer”) cease publication would be counter-intuitive to improving. I can only hope he takes this criticism on the shoulders and not the nose as some might intuit from my apparent reputation, because something I do enjoy seeing is other authors get better and improve.

That’s all for now, tomorrow there’ll be a new Remember page and, undoubtably, a rather morose blog post discussing my impending demise from age-related ailments as I turn the woeful age of two score and two.

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  1. The date offer was an April Fool’s joke =P

    Comment by Vapor — June 16, 2012 @ 10:40 pm

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