Nether Expedition #10: The Great Iron Boom

Here’s hoping they don’t unionise…

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Been a busy week, between Name Your Creatures, my birthday, and whatnot, but tonight I endeavoured to try one last thing to improve my audio quality which is perhaps by far the simplest: Move the damn mic closer to my face.

Now simple as that sounds, there are some logistical issues, namely that my desk has only so much space and putting a mic stand in the middle of it makes gaming a tad tricky. Consequently, I enlisted the aid of my disc jockey parents and appropriated a boom mic stand, which is probably something you’ve seen all over the place where there’s a vertical element and the mic is attached to a second pole element on top of it, forming a kind of T shape. Having attached my wonderful Blue Snowball Ice microphone to the end of that, I can have it close to my face without obstructing my screens or peripherals.

The change is pretty dramatic, and it should be shown off quite nicely in the next Lying Plays installment. Incidentally, Lying Plays isn’t going to be getting regular posts here on Remember, so if you want to keep appraised of the series, you’re just going to have to subscribe to the official Remember channel ;)

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